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Some say, Bali is a gate to heaven. Some say, it is Eden garden on earth. But for sure, Bali is a perfect combination between reality and mystery, between heaven and earth, between spirituality and mythology. Everything about Bali is nothing less than amazing! Take your deep breath and get ready for the magical spell in every step you take in this island of Gods. As one the most beautiful island in the world, no word matches how amazing Bali is. From the religious-humble-people, the white-golden-sand beaches, the fresh-crystal clear-rivers run in between paddy field, the vibrant arts, to the energetic-epic-traditional dancing are just too little to name.

In Hindu Balinese traditions, all kind of daily activities are related as religious rituals, as an offering to Gods. Dancing, art, food, every part of life is integral to religious worship. You can find a little red flower and leaf offering at the corner of the roads, in front of the stores, on the gates, everywhere. And the smell of ‘dupa’ or aromatic incense that has been burnt for centuries fills the air, adding the mysteriousness of the island.


Bali and beaches are like twins. You cannot have one without the other. Bali has many fantastic beaches. White sand, golden sand, black sand, high tide, low tide, they have all kinds of beaches to spoil your need. Some beaches are good for surfers-both beginners and professionals, some are good for lazing, and some are good for just for walking along. If you like surfing, doesn’t matter whether you are the beginner or professional surfers, Bali has the the wave to feed your need. Or may be you just want to enjoy the Bali Sun? Go snorkeling. Go diving. Either way, you will gonna love it.

There may be time you want to enjoy the sacred hot spring of Banjar. Go for it! May be you’d like to just slowly walk at the 9th century in the tranquil village of Jatiluwih, the home for breathtaking paddyfield terraces? Just do it!

And yes, don’t forget to go to the art markets. But try to restrain yourself a bit or you will end up buying the whole arts in the market.


Bali is blessed with beautiful scenery and dreamlike atmosphere. Their fertile soil gives them enough spare time to explore arts as part of their religious ceremony. Balinese dancing, for example, takes story from Hindu epic, called Ramayana, but in heavy Balinese influence. In 2015, UNESCO has awarded Balinese dancing as the world's intangible cultural heritage. Bali is one of the most diverse and innovative performing arts cultures in the world. More than that, Bali is also home for unique painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handicrafts, silver and stone carving, along with silks, wood carvings, silver, batik, clothes and beadwork.

There are plenty of art markets that can spoil your art thirst. Be ready to restrain yourself from this charm. You just can’t get enough.


Dining out in Bali is an aesthetic adventure and taste sensation. Both local and international cuisines are at the heaven level. Nothing is better than having your meal at the traditional small warung in between paddy field. You must try sate lilit - the original Balinese satay, the famous nasi Bali and of course, babi guling. All Balinese cuisines are made of healthy fresh herbs and spices and for some, cooked for hours to get the richest juicy taste, wrapped in a banana leaf.

How do you like you fresh seafood dinner served? How about on the beach while watching the sun goes down on the horizon? Sounds fantastic? Well, that’s for real. In Jimbaran beach, choose your favorite fresh seafood on today’s catch and let the Balinese cook for you with their secret family recipe. Fresh seafood, beautiful sunset, clean beach, what else you can ask for!


Take your yoga in the top of greeny hill overlooking the ocean. Have a peace of mind.