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Do not refer ‘Malang’ to the unfortunate meaning, because Malang Regency is really a lucky one. Imagine a cool pleasant climate, easygoing atmosphere, fertile soil and leafy colonial boulevards, are combined with warm-hearty-meals, mixed with humble-smiling-polite people. Isn’t that a true happiness on earth? Isn’t that the place you want to be?

In the old days, Malang is the capital city of famous Singasari Kingdom. No wonder there is plenty of Hindu temples spread around the area. Singasari Temple is a well-preserved Hindu temple dated from 1300AD and is a reminder of the great Hindu kingdoms that ruled East Java before the arrival of Islam, then Dutch. That’s the reason why you can find Old Dutch buildings and temples here.


Do you want to go to the east or to the south? On the north, Malang is one of the gates to go to Bromo Mountain where Tengger Tribe is still exist and preserved their Hindu culture neatly. The landscape is stunning and indescribable. Start your journey in the middle of the night to catch the golden warm sunrise on the top of the Bromo Mountain. Pack yourself with warm clothes, take a jeep then ride a horse, cross the sand hill, then… there you are! This is something you cannot miss!

From the top of the mountain, go down to the south, there is Balekambang Beach, then Sedang Biru Beach. About 800 meters offshore of Sedang Biru Beach, you will arrive at the small island called Pulau Sempu. This island is a special one, touted as one of the most beautiful island in East Java. The 3.9 km long island of picturesque of hills makes the perfect escape.


Knowing how pleasant the climate here, there are many people spend their weekend and holiday. Apart from public parks, Malang offers museums, galleries, and traditional dance performances such as Tari Topeng (Mask Dance), Jaran Pegon, Tari Beskalan (Beskalan Dance), as some of the attractions.

Oh, don’t forget to visit the apple farm here. Malang has been known as the apple producer. Their green-sweet-sour apple is very unique compare to western apples. Nowadays, this apple farm is open for public.


Malang is a combination between past and present. Toko Oen, one of the historical food stalls, serves tasty ice cream and western food in their old style building and interior design. This place used to be a favorite place during Dutch colony.

Or try simple drink called wedang ronde. This sweet ginger drink is very nice to enjoy in the cold weather during night time. Keep your body warm, while you enjoy the night time.


Once in a lifetime, try porcupine, freshwater turtle or biawak lizard satay! And of course, the very special salad of cow’s nose in spicy peanut butter and fruit slices.