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Yogyakarta has been known as the central of Javanese Culture that’s still exist and maintained. This beautiful region is located at the foot of the active Merapi volcano, down to the Indian ocean. A far-long history of Yogyakarta from the old kingdom of Mataram to the modern age of Indonesia has given the regions its own charm that never fails to ‘wow’ the visitors from all over the world. These contrasts between the ancient and the new age, between the fiery volcano and the tranquil beaches, between the local and the international students, between all colors of the people, blend neatly with the charming of Yogyakarta local people. You will feel just like you are finally coming back home from a long journey, where everyone smiles at you and greets you as they see you walk by.


Walking down in Yogyakarta feels like the earth stands still and you are thrown back to the 16 th century, where the Mataram Kingdom was one of the mightiest kingdom of Indonesia. There are thousands of temples spread all over the region. Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Boko Temple are just to name a few to visit. These magnificent temples are usually located in majestic view of the mountains. From these temples, you can experience the beautiful sunrise and the unforgettable sunset. Apart from that, Yogyakarta is also the place of the ruins of palaces and monasteries, the various kind of traditions, cultural events, traditional folk and performing arts, architecture and other traditional activities.


Visiting Yogyakarta without trying to eat the local foods is like seeing the earth without the sun. The food is so tasty and so affordable. Try ‘gudeg’ the ancient meals of sweet coconut curry chicken combined with some traditional vegetables, eat with steamed fragrance rice. You won’t get enough with this favorite meal of the Sultan. There are 2 kind of gudeg. The one you eat in the morning, and the one you eat at the midnight hour. Both will give you a different feeling. The second best of Yogyakarta culinary is fried ‘kampong’ chicken. You’ll gonna love it. The meat is incomparable tasty, juicy, delicious to the bone! And yes, don’t forget those ‘sate klatak’, ‘tengkleng’, traditional herbal drinks called ‘jamu’ and enjoy the warmth of ‘wedang uwuh’ while sitting on the pedestrian at night on the ‘tikar’ and enjoying the slowly traffic. The street musician will please your ears with Javanese music.


There is no place on earth like Yogyakarta. God must be in the very good mood when He created Yogyakarta. Go up to the top of Merapi Mountain, see the sunrise, then go enjoy the valley, the caves, the sinkhole, the hidden forest, or floating along the river overseeing the karst hills, down to the beach. But the beach is not the end. Beautiful white sandy beach, black sandy beach, corral beach, and the most special one – the sand dunes are served. Gumuk Pasir or sand dunes is one of the world miracles. There are only 2 places in the world, one is in Yogyakarta. Too many choices, too little time? Take your time, because time stands still here in Yogyakarta.

While in Yogyakarta, do drive a little further to the south. Go to a small town call Wonosari, a karst region with the tranquility of Pindul Cave, Sri Gethuk Waterfall and blue-green beaches.


You might heard about this fantastic fruit : Durian. Yes, try one here at Menoreh Hills. They picked it from the forest nearby. Tasty, yummy, adventurous! We dare you.