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  • Rental rate is based on 24-hours basis. Maximum distance on the first day is 300km, while maximum distance for the following days are 150km per day.
  • On the final day of rent, return time is set at 5 pm (maximum) at the appointed drop off location.
  • Additional cost will be applied for different drop off location from pick up.


  • Booking approval depends on the availability of the camper van, including if you decide to extend the rent.
  • If there’s any unauthorized extension to the return date agreed, the hirer should pay daily rental rate for each day until the camper van is returned. The rate applied as per daily rate IDR 1mio/day.


  • Booking cancellation can be agreed by INDOCAMPERVAN in condition of: 1) it relates to local force majeure, 2) un-avoided incidence that consider will impact to safety. For those 2 conditions, INDOCAMPERVAN will allow full refund of excess rental period.
  • If the hirer cancels the booking more than 22 days’ prior the start date, INDOCAMPERVAN will return down payment that been made, excluding administration fee of the credit card.
  • If the hirer cancels the booking rental between 1 – 21 days prior the start date, the 30% down payment is non-refundable.
  • If the hirer cancels on the start date or does not appear to collect the camper van, 100% of the rental fee will be applied.


  • For Motorhome type, only authorized professional driver will be provided by INDOCAMPERVAN.
  • For Campervan, hirer can drive by themselves but need to show at advance, valid international driving license or local valid license and valid Identity card.


  • The hirer will receive the camper van in a ready to use conditions. The hirer must return the camper van with same conditions during pick up.
  • The hirer will bear all personal cost during the rental period, i.e. parking, food and beverage, gasoline, tourist attraction tickets, etc.
  • The hirer must take responsible for any equipment and devices inside passenger’s cabin, these include: filling the water tank when necessary and dispose the waste-water.
  • At any time, smoking and/or animals are not permitted in camper van. If it is breached, the hirer will pay the cleaning fee with autimatically taken from deposit amount.
  • The hirer takes full responsible for his/her own property during the rental period. INDOCAMPERVAN will not responsible for any loss.
  • It is forbidden for re-hiring or giving the permit for others to use the vehicle without written approval from INDOCAMPERVAN.


  • 30% down payment is required for booking confirmation. Balance payment is required 1 day before pick up plus 20% deposit for guarantee.
  • 20% deposit for guarantee will be returned – 1 week after campervan returned. It will fully refundable if Vehicle is returned on time on the Return Date and to the Return Point and undamaged condition with a clean interior as per pick up.
  • Rental cost is only for INDOCAMPERVAN rent. Any other costs that occur during the rental period will be bared by the hirer.
  • We accept only cash / bank transfer.
  • INDOCAMPERVAN has no control on any currency exchange rate fluctuations, therefore, it will be charged to the hirer.


  • INDOCAMPERVAN will provide camper van as per booking date.
  • INDOCAMPERVAN will ensure that the camper van is in ready to use for the hirer.


  • The hirer must pay for any fines or charges that occur during rental period for any violations caused by the hirer (violating traffic rules, etc).


  • If any damage/failure on campervan during rental period, hirer must take 100% responsibility.
  • Indocampervan will not take any cost incurred to the hirer or the other parties due to accident.


  • The hirer should bring the campervan to the drop off point on final booking day as per agreement.
  • There will be no refund to the hirer if Camper Van is returned before booking period finished.
  • If Camper Van is returned in not as per cleaning standard, the hirer will be charged the cleaning service fee that automatically is taken from the deposit (including smoking evidence and failure to empty the waste-water or toilet cassette).
  • For defect facility the hirer will be charged according to size of the broken.
  • The Camper Van should be returned in the same level of petrol as per the first day rent.
  • Additional cost $0.8/km will be applied for excess kilometer from standard.


INDOCAMPERVAN will refuse/terminate the booking if:

  • The hirer doesn’t follow the terms and conditions.
    For the above mentioned, there will be no refund for all deposit. The hirer is also responsible for any cost that might happen during returning the vehicle to the return location.

Personal information including the ID is required for completing the rental process.

INDOCAMPERVAN can be contacted via:

  • by email:
  • by telephone: +62 812 80586673